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Stefan May 12, 20144:58 pm

Let’s get started!

Stefan May 12, 20144:59 pm

This is a tweety entry:

Stefan May 12, 20145:01 pm

This is a video entry from vimeo:

Stefan May 12, 20145:04 pm

This is an entry with image, just drag and drop to upload. Photo Credit: Janitors

Stefan May 12, 20145:05 pm

This is a Youtube video:

Stefan May 12, 20145:29 pm

Self-hosted video, just drag and drop, or paste direct video URL from another sources.

Big buck bunny:

Stefan May 12, 20145:30 pm

Flickr image:
Volkswagen Golf MkV - VIP Modular VX110

Stefan May 12, 20145:36 pm

My new favorite gif.

Stefan May 12, 20145:44 pm


Stefan May 12, 20145:47 pm

Self-hosted music:

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